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ISO Information and District Maps

The Fry Fire District has two operational boundaries Fire & Emergency Medical operational: The Fry Fire District taxing district is approximately 50-square miles (see map). 

The Insurance Services Office (ISO), based in New Jersey, inspected the Fry Fire District and awarded it a Class 3 ranking in August 2017 based on several criteria including how well the fire department is distributed through the district, the quality and maintenance of the delivery of a water system, 911 communications system, automatic aid partners, the number of firefighters assigned to reported fires and firefighter training. 

The ISO helps insurance companies determine the probability of future property losses by evaluating fire departments across the country and giving them a public protection classification rating. Insurance companies use the rankings to determine property insurance rates for home and business owners.

The ISO ranks city and county fire departments on a scale from 1 to 10. A ranking of one is the best score a department can receive and indicates they provide the best possible protection from fire, with a score of 10 indicating that no fire protection is available. We're honored to be the best-rated fire districts in Cochise County.

Homeowners and business owners should check with their insurance company when they renew their policy to see which benefits, if any, they qualify for and to make sure their provider is aware of the fire department's new, higher ISO ranking. The amount homeowners and business owners pay for insurance premiums may decrease depending on which provider they have and their particular plan. 

We would like to thank our citizens for their continued support of the district and our goal is to continue to provide outstanding emergency service to the area as a whole.

The second boundary is the Fry Fire District ambulance service area that is approximately 200-square miles, which includes the Town of Huachuca City, Highway-90 east to the San Pedro river, Highway-92 to the San Pedro river, the Parker Canyon Lake area west to the Santa Cruz County line and south to the U.S. / Mexico border.


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