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Fire Code

The Fry Fire District Fire Code establishes a minimum level of safety standards that apply to the construction and maintenance of new and existing buildings as well as the storage and use of hazardous materials.

The Fry Fire District is currently working from the 2018 International Fire Code as adopted by the Fry Fire District Governing Board.

Violation of the fire code can result in a civil offense and fines as enforced by the County Attorneys’ Office and in accordance with Arizona Revised Statues, Title 48, Section 805.

The Fry Fire District has established an administrative Board of Appeals and adopted procedures for appeal for any citation issued as a violation of the fire code.  The Board of Appeals procedures can be found in the fire code amendments, Appendix A.

If you have any questions for our Fire Marshal, he can be reached at 520-378-2222 or by email at: