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New Construction Residential Smoke Alarm System Inspections

National statistics report that on average as many as 82% of annual fire fatalities occur in residential homes.  Since smoke alarms were introduced, fire fatalities have been cut in half.  Our community has suffered fire deaths where no working smoke alarms were present in the home.  Therefore, the fire district has taken a proactive approach to smoke alarm education, dissemination and enforcement.   Every new construction residential home is inspected by fire district personnel during the construction phase of the home.  These inspections are focused on ensuring the smoke alarm system has been installed to building code requirements and are performed in conjunction with the county building department’s final inspection. The fee for new construction residential inspections is $25.00.  All fees must be paid in person.

The fire district also offers free smoke alarm installations in older site built and manufactured homes where no alarms are present as well as free testing and battery change to residents in need of assistance.