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Fire Inspections

The Fry Fire District administers a fire inspection program in an effort to ensure all businesses and operations are in compliance with the fire code.  The goal of the fire inspection program is:

  • Ensure that all businesses are maintained in a safe manner so as to prevent fire and other dangerous conditions.
  • Increase the safety of customers visiting a business, employees working for a business and emergency responders who may be called to the business.
  • Partner with business owners, managers and employees in accomplishing the goal of a safe community.

All businesses will fall into one of the occupancy inspection categories below.

Fire and Life Inspection Program:

High hazard or high risk for life safety.

Assembly occupancies such as restaurants, bars and movie theaters, business that require a fire suppression and/or detection system and business that use or store high quantities of hazardous materials. In this category, the goal of the fire district is to provide an onsite annual inspection performed by a certified fire inspector.

Company Fire Inspection Program:

Moderate hazard or risk for life safety.

Mercantile business, small repair garages, construction and contract services. The goal of the fire district is to provide an on-site fire inspection by either a certified fire inspector or trained engine company fire personnel at a frequency ranging from one to two years depending on the nature of the business.

Business Self Inspection Program:

Low hazard or risk for life safety.

Business offices, adult education, health clinics, etc. Businesses in this category may be selected to participate in the fire district’s self-inspection program.  The district will mail out a self-inspection form with postage paid envelope to each business annually.  The business will then assess the items listed on the form and mail it back to the fire district.  The goal of the fire district is to provide an onsite inspection of these businesses once every three years.